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11th Grade Textbook
To access the 11th grade gold textbook please log on to

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Language of Composition Textbook
Please check out the AP Language LoC textbook by Friday 8/23. You are also encouraged to purchase a new/used copy to annotate during the year, if possible.

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Portfolios + Syllabus
Please bring in the syllabus tear-off with signatures by Thursday 8/22.

Please bring in your portfolio from last year's English class by Wednesday 8/28. If you do not bring it in, you will lost participation points for the first grading period.

Discussion Topics
 American Way
Docs for the American Way synthesis paper
Practice materials for the EAP essay 2/12
 Fallacies Handouts
Logical Fallacies Information
 Alfred M. Green 9 score.doc
Alfred M. Green Sample Essay 2003
 AP English 11 Power Packet.pdf
AP Packet for Rhetorical Analysis
 EW Ignite Flier 2013.pdf
EarthWatch Summer Program Info
 General Syllabus.pdf
Please print and return signatures.
 Poetry Out Loud Evaluation.docx
Please print out the following form and complete the writing task by Friday 1/16 to receive enrichment participation credit.
 Score Conversion Chart.pdf
AP Score 1-9 point conversion chart
 The Harkness Discussion.docx
Harkness Discussion Requirements
No "Homework" exist(s)

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